What Makes Selfie Feedback Unique?

Traditional Online Review Practices (TORP) come with a high level of skepticism from the customers and lack the true influencing power of honest testimonials.

Selfie Feedback was specifically designed to add the most important layer of trust. A face. By putting a face to each review, customers know there’s a real person with a real experience and interaction behind the testimonial. Once a client decides to write a review about his or her experience and take a photo of himself, that caption together with the feedback, automatically go live on your website for everyone to see in the review section of your website or on the home page.

Live Selfie Feedback

  • Automated costumer advocacy
  • High level of transparency
  • Increased customer engagement and retention

Referral marketing is the new trend! Jump on the bandwagon to grow your business!

The time of a review bares tremendous value to your business. It’s the time of your customer’s reaction what can make the difference between a successful business and a sinking one. Just as on old or less than authentic testimonials can make the difference between a successful business and a sinking one, a good review seen by everyone at the right moment can translate into a skyrocketing revenue.

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Website SEO Boost

  • Allocation of reviews on customer websites.
  • Automated content SEO cultivation.
  • Instant validation of your efforts through ongoing customer feedback

Empower Your Customers!

One of the best parts of Selfie Feedback is that it introduces you to a new companion in boosting your search visibility: Your Reviews! Keywords, links and pictures are the key elements of Search Engine Optimization. And since the average review has a minimum of 3 words and one selfie - each user contributes to an increase in visibility naturally. Basically, each testimonial and picture your reviewers add to your website through Selfie Feedback, gets index as new relevant content by the search engines which leads to a boost in organic traffic.

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Real Time eNPS

  • Analyze team results in the making
  • Evaluate employee loyalty through ongoing NPS surveys
  • Identify areas in need of adjustments

Perfect your business model and prepare to scale up!

The Employee Net Promoter Score evaluates and manages employee loyalty. Through eNPS you can learn more about the employees that interact directly with your customers so they can be coached when needed or rewarded when suitable. In addition, eNPS allows each operations manager to test several scenarios for the right number of resources necessary for fulfilling a certain desired goal. Identifying references and rising stars inside your team with more accuracy by monitoring the employee roster with your daily eNPS results is also of key importance.

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Task Management

  • Micro monitoring the flux of reviews and Data, transforming them into real tasks of improvement.
  • Right team in the right Place at the right time.
  • Share results and create recognition programs

The best business strategy stems from listening to your customers and planning accordingly!

Selfie Feedback introduces a new powerful tool for task tracking. Every review can deliver key information for the use of your team. From physical issues in your venue to urgent customer support. Save time and track actions to ensure a positive impact on your customers. Our dashboard helps drive your business with the right team members in the right location at the exact needed time and reach your goals faster. It forces discipline into what is considered a priority in your Growth Strategy. Get ahead and close the gap between the analysis of reviews with scores and the resources

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Business Culture

  • Improve your operations and workflow
  • Align your business values with those of customers
  • Create targeted campaigns based on the data obtained

The key to a better understanding of your business is driven by the right data!

With the importance of testimonials in the digital landscape increasing as we speak and influencing the buying behavior of other future potential customers, having a system that both collects, tracks and evaluate reviews can prove a game changer. With Selfie Feedback offering a constant stream of feedback, we empower our customers to create a strong brand and rich customer experience for their end customers as well by constantly updating and upgrading their products/services.

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Real Time NPS

  • Evaluate customer loyalty through ongoing NPS surveys
  • Increase focus on growth through NPS and relevant business metrics
  • Improve certain aspects of your business

A customer-centered approach!

NPC is a customer experience indicator, used as a metric for more than 60% of Fortune 1000 companies, which contributes to a better overall understanding of the business by the stakeholders. Some of its main objectives is to predict customer loyalty, the success of a business as well as to clarify any challenge or situation that needs the immediate attention of your management team.

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